Turtleneck and Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs

Somebody noticed that in a lot of TechFranklin videos I'm wearing a turtleneck and they asked whether I was trying to give off a Steve Jobs vibe.

I am a fan of Steve Jobs and think Apple is a great company, if a bit overpriced.

But the real reason I've been wearing turtlenecks in these videos is because these videos have been filmed in the Winter in the UK in 2021 and right now energy prices are eyewateringly high.

So in an effort to keep my energy bills down I'm wearing a turtleneck to help me stay warm without having to turn the heating up.


This story segues into a core philosophy of TechFranklin. We want to provide cost-effective professional services solutions to people by using technology.

And the clothing technology of a turtleneck is a simple and cost-effective way to stay warm. Hence why I like it.

So no, I'm not trying to imitate Steve Jobs. I'm just trying to stay warm.

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A summary of the TechFranklin EMI product