Something surprising I learnt at PwC

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Mergers & Acquisitions

In an M&A team at PwC you'd prepare reports to help a company get sold. This kind of work is much more like be an estate agent than what would traditionally been thought of as a bean counter.

As a junior team member in such a team you are typically responsible for creating the reports. And this means you spend your time compiling data in Excel and then putting this into a PowerPoint deck and essentially colouring it in.

This production of a PowerPoint deck is a combination of graphic design and narrative. And this is why working in M&A is arguably more like working in a graphic design agency than working in the finance department of a company.

A cynical view on design and colour schemes would be that these M&A reports are essentially just window dressing. However a more nuanced viewed is that key elements in an M&A report would be that it is:

  • easy to read
  • pleasant to look at
  • intutive to understand

And to achieve these things you need careful design.

Our design philosophy

At TechFranklin we don't just focus on our backend systems for:

  • storing documents
  • processing calculations
  • routing emails
  • tracking signatures
  • and whole array of other systems

We also design our user interface to make our application user friendly and try to make complicated things, as simple as possible.

That's why we:

  • use consistent and elegant formatting
  • provide explanatory videos
  • present key information at the top of legal documents

Fundamentally, at TechFranklin design is not a luxury.

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A summary of the TechFranklin EMI product